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Winter 2018/Spring 2019:

Film & Fishnets is pivoting to film criticism and long-reads on sex in cinema. We are seeking writers with diverse perspectives on this broad topic in the hopes of generating discussion and analysis while providing an inclusive forum for marginalized voices. Pay is $250 per article.

VOL 1 :

Deadline for pitches is December 20, 2018. Writers announced December 31, 2018. Articles due February 1, 2019. Site redesign & articles up Febuary 14th, 2019. DM Danica on twitter @donnauwanna for details. Thanks!

VOL 2:

The theme for March 2019 is OBSESSION. Deadline for pitches is March 1, 2019. Writers announced March 3, 2019. Articles due March 10, 2019. Vol. 2 online by March 15, 2019. DM me on twitter @donnauwanna for details. Thanks!

VOL 3:

The theme for April 2019 is MARTYRS. Deadline for pitches is April 1, 2019. Writers announced April 3, 2019. Articles due April 10, 2019. Vol. 3 online by April 15, 2019. As always, DM me on twitter @donnauwanna for details. Thanks!


Spring 2018:

This year, I'm co-curating the 2nd annual "Just Experimenting" erotic experimental video art show at the Center for Sex & Culture, San Francisco.  The theme is "edge play," and as a first, we're giving out cash prizes to the top three films.

For more about the other curators, and to submit your work, please use this form.

DEADLINE is 5/24/2018.  SCREENING is 6/8/2018.

To see an abridged version of last year's program, curated by Marilyn Roxie, click below: