Film and Fishnets is the brainchild of writer-director Danica Uskert.  Originally a site meant to host over a decade's worth of post-feminist, post-colonial, pop-cultural theory and showcase the work of other female filmmakers, writers, theorists, performers, and artists, F&F is now a production company seeking to collaborate with all artists, especially those interested in creating a sensual, seductive new sinema.  F&F seeks to explore themes and characters not typically depicted on screen, portraying "deviant" sexuality and lifestyles with love, honesty, and humor.

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The company, which consists of Danica Uskert, her husband Caleb Quinn, and their crew of filmmaking friends, is currently in pre-production on two feature length films.


F&F releases music video collaborations and tributes to favorite upcoming artists on a regular basis, and is slowly rolling out episodes of an interview series in which we get up close and personal with our favorite indie actors & filmmakers.  We've screened work at VAULT Film Festival (London), Festival of the Moving Image (SF), ATA (SF), the Center for Sex & Culture (SF), Ludwig (Berlin), innumerable times at SFSU and CCSF, and other local venues & outlets such as "Frank Moore's Unlimited Possibilities on BTV" (Berkeley).  F&F's most recent public screening was at Porn Film Festival Berlin, October 25-29, 2017.  Several of our shorts were selected for the Fun, Political, Discovery, and Experimental Porn Shorts programs (see schedule for details).  Our political porn short "Disgruntled" is screening at the upcoming Porn Film Festival Vienna, March 1-4, 2018.


Ms. Uskert also writes (non-sexy, family-friendly, mainstream material) for other production companies, websites, and collaborates with many Bay Area artists.

In addition to her writing and filmmaking talents, Danica is a costume designer, a puppet-maker and puppeteer, an animator, and has training in special effects and effects makeup for film/video, basic soldering and robotics, film theory, photography, and videography.  She is also a multidisciplinary performance artist, a total sweetheart, a former sex worker, an NYU Tisch School of the Arts cinema studies drop out, and a graduate of the cinema program at San Francisco State University.

Lastly... Danica has been made aware of that reddit thread & knows people have referred to her as "Asian Winehouse" and have been talking shit about her features and body type.  To be clear, she's mixed-race Eurasian (Filipina-Slovak) and most often identifies as a disabled, pansexual, polyamorous Asian American hapa.  Most of all though, she's a video artist.

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Also, please watch our FALL 2016 REEL:

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