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DANICA ANNA USKERT-QUINN (a.k.a. Danica Uskert, danica darling, donnauwanna) is a dis/abled, pansexual, polyamorous, mixed race Filipina (Pinay, Indian, Chinese, Spanish) - Slovak hapa performance artist, video artist, writer, curator, filmmaker and former sex-worker.  Her work is body-centered performance art meant to help her cope with the limitations of her body.  It helps her love herself.  It helps her retain her will to live.

That being said, the videos featured on this site contain such subject matter as: shibari/rope play, knife play, BDSM, Femdom, food play, striptease, burlesque, role play, drag and a lot of other fetish & kink related stuff.  This work is not intended to be viewed by minors and was originally hosted with a MATURE CONTENT label on Vimeo.  If you are easily offended or not of legal age to view such material, you should stop reading and go watch something else more appropriate for you.  

By continuing to interact with the content on this website & by watching these videos, you are confirming that you are choosing to engage with my content & accept responsibility for your decision.  You acknowledge that no sexual activities are being promoted or sold & that the content creators, the webmaster, the web hosting company & the video hosting company in NO WAY advocate or advise any of the activities depicted in the following works of video art.

All of the work on this site was created by consenting adults of legal age.