Media art, SFX, and other collaborations

OTHER PROJECTS - Media art, SFX, and other collaborations:

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COLLABORATIONS (a brief selection):

Crowbar Cane (Jan 2015)

Goodmorning Underwear (Oct 2014)

LED Heart Pasties (Feb 2011)

Clap Off Bra (Feb 2011)

Kim Kardashian Photo Leak Costume (Nov 2014)

Easy Sliding Lamp (Jun 2015)

Weighted Beach Towel Mod (Aug 2015)

Groundhog Day Alarm Clock (Feb 2015)

Telephone Handset Microphone (Nov 2006)

Inflatable Love Seat (Feb 2007)

Artwork Pegboard (Jul 2009)

Droning Machine (Jun 2009)

Chalkboard Table (Feb 2010)

#SELFIE Mirror (Feb 2015)

Night Owl Alarm (Oct 2006)

Personalized Guess Who (Dec 2006)

Personal Applause Sign (Jul 2010)

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Replicating body parts in plaster

Squishy Breast Stress Relief Toy (replicating body parts in silicone)


Kare Kare: Filipino Ox Tail Stew (May 2007)

Peanut Butter Ice Box Pie (Apr 2012)


(selected recent works only, does not include commercial, mainstream film/TV work)

Second Chance (dir. Rafael Delima, 2014; responsible for practical effects and gore makeup)

Story of an Hour (dir. Toby Nies, 2014; responsible for adapting script, costume research and design; head of costume department; also played "Josephine.")