"The Business"

"The Business" is an autobiographical 11 episode web series about being a 30-something disabled female with limited options.  The series focuses on Donna, a prostitute, as she deals with the day to day minutiae of marriage, family, school, and sex work.


Episode 1 - "The Catch Up"

An introduction to Donna (Danica Uskert), a disabled, broke sex worker in her 30s in an unhappy marriage to a techie Dean (Caleb Quinn).  In this episode, we find her seeking comfort in the arms of a friend, Jamie (Jamie Sharp), after an argument with her husband.

Episode 2 - "Mañana"

Donna goes out on a typical day of calls all the while dealing with the fact that she has Jamie on her mind.  She tries to reach out but is ignored.  At home, she finds herself further isolated.

Episode 3 - "Back and Forth"

Donna has a rough encounter with a particularly abusive client.  Kathy and Anne attempt to reach out and provide guidance to Donna, but it's a fellow sex-worker who helps Donna exact revenge.

Episode 4 - "Into the Woods"

Another client centered episode, focused on one particularly awful client with a particularly interesting fetish.

Episode 5 - "Emergency Bag"

Donna and Dean argue for what appears to be the final time.  Donna teaches the internet a basic survival strategy.

Episode 6 - "Write Me Out"

Kathy and Anne urge Donna out of her post-breakup slump and into attending a writer's meet up to work through her various traumas.  At the meet up, she finds a brash, self-destructive young writer and is immediately drawn to him.

Episode 7 - "Get Free"

Larry returns and stalks Donna at her day job.  He bullies her into seeing him again though she has been trying to break ties with him.

Episode 8 - "Sound & Fury"

Donna and Larry go to a concert after an incredibly rough session.  He abuses and humiliates her in public.  She finds an ally in the most unlikely place.

Episode 9 - "Twinning"

Though she has burned bridges with most of her client list and is utterly broke, Donna finds herself drawn to J, the deadbeat musician who rescued her at the show.  She tries to resist her attraction, but can't seem to stop running into him.

Episode 10 - "Reckoning"

Donna must collect her stuff from Dean's while still dealing with harassment from Larry.  Anne, Kathy, and Reeza are fed up with her freeloading.  Not knowing where to go, she turns to J.

Episode 11 - "New Beginnings"

J and Donna attempt to start a new life together though her old one constantly interferes.  Kathy gets married.  Reeza decides to go back to school.



You've been working on this for years.  Where is the series?!

Episodes 2 & 5 are in post, 3 & 4 are in pre-production and 6 - 11 are on hold until I can raise the funds to continue with the rest of the series.  Help by donating at my patreon page.

Major thanks to everyone who has worked on this project.  You gave me a reason to live.

Major thanks also to my viewers.  Your support, feedback, and encouragement keeps me sane.

Additional thanks to VAULT Film Festival for selecting the pilot episode for its festival lineup.