"free association"

This video is the current screening version of the "free association" project, a hybrid performance art, animation, and video art piece that focuses on common stereotypes, archetypes, and labels ascribed to women. This piece was screened publicly several times, most recently at the group video art show "Intimate Strange 2.0" at ATA and at VAULT Film Festival in London.

"free association" is a primer into my body of work, and, as it stands, is a mashup/remix of every video series that I've made which deals with the aforementioned themes of negotiating identity within a milieu of constant objectification and projection. Unlike the individual works in the "free association" series, the soundtrack to this piece is comprised of several interviews with friends and family, all of which deal with the theme of stereotypes. I'd like to thank everyone who helped with this project, and the legendary video art pioneers Paula Levine and Martha Gorzycki for their help, feedback, and tutelage.