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Caleb Quinn is a motherfucking genius.  His warped, nightmarish version of daily reality is situated somewhere between an EC comic book (i.e. “Tales from the Crypt”), an old grindhouse ‘flick, and a lush, Douglass Sirk technicolor weepie.  It’s part pulp, part bleak, existential drama, 100% brilliant.  Caleb’s oeuvre of work is directly affected by his 10 year stint living in San Francisco’s notoriously gritty Tenderloin district, late nights working bagging groceries in Portland, Oregon (for customers such as a coked-out Philip Seymour Hoffman), and taking classes with Roger Ebert and Stan Brakhage at the University of Boulder.  In addition to being a filmmaking badass, Caleb Quinn is also a musical prodigy, and has been playing guitar, piano, and composing music since he was but a babe.

I am honored to have such a talented, intelligent, and darkly funny soul as a collaborator and as a HUSBAND (XO!), and look forward to our future projects.



Toby Nies is a Bay Area filmmaker and musician.  Nebbish and soft-spoken, he's incredibly talented, with a keen eye for composition.  I'm happy to have worked with him on the few projects we shared together, and wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors.



Randy Sarafan is a pioneer at the forefront of the new media arts movement.  The very last works we made together explored the nature of sex, relationships, and consumerism, and were exhibited at the Gray Area Gallery FAT GOLD show in June 2015, as well as at SFSU's Spring 2015 MFA Thesis show.

Randy's more family-friendly work can be seen on (published as the author "randofo").  He has exhibited all around the globe, has published two books, and his work has been in many popular publications, on TV, and all over the internet.