Videos that are more visually complex than my standard performance art.  All of my work contains an element of experimental art and performance, but videos with multiple layers & other textbook experimental filmmaking techniques can be found here.  This section contains parts of the recent "Las Vegas Trilogy" (a.k.a. the honeymoon trilogy), the Araki-Kern-Warhol inspired "WARHOL", "BLUE MONDAY/WE STILL FUCK" & other classics (scored by Ayesha Erotica).  You'll also find VAULT FESTIVAL UK selection "SPANK IT" (scored by Ayesha Erotica), PFF BERLIN selection "Consumer Whore" (scored by Ayesha Erotica), and a lot of other hallucinatory erotica.  Enjoy. 

HOT MESS: a fangirl lyric vid, with weirdness & nudity

An unofficial fangirl lyric video/performance piece for Chance Jones.


These videos have screened publicly with Q&A discussions or an accompanying lecture.  Contact for screening copy or to book a screening/lecture.

“mulveyandme: reflections on the lack of my objectification on the silver screen” (2015)
14 years in and out of various film schools, and only two things remain a certainty: 1) I will read Laura Mulvey’s “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” at least once a semester, and 2) I am nowhere near closer to being a working actress.  I find myself actively confronted with what seems to be a permanent ideological conflict: how can I be angry about the objectification of women on the silver screen if it’s all I’ve ever wanted for myself?

“bronze goddess” (2015)
An attempt at creating a reverent, sincere self-portrait, minus the sarcasm, contempt, and deliberate sabotage that goes into my other work.  The only irony here is that bronze is not a precious metal, it’s an alloy, a derivative, a mix, and these themes of inauthenticity and identity are explored in this piece.  After all, what’s a bronze goddess if not a false idol?
[explicit, not available online]

NSFW (2013)

A 10 minute direct address to my then partner, a workaholic whose career, though essential for our financial survival as a couple, was a key component in breaking up the relationship.

[explicit, not available online]


A short video love letter to my lover at the time (the third party in my relationship with my fiancé).  The video more or less told him our relationship was doomed.

[explicit, not available online]


My favorite piece among my early work, which examined my relationship with myself, my body, my history, and my sexual partners.  It's bitter, dark, and still possibly the best thing I've ever done.

[explicit, not available online]