"free association" (2015)

A hybrid performance art, video art, and animation series focusing on common stereotypes, archetypes, and labels imposed on women.

Dear Caleb (2015)

A video love letter to my new partner.



Animals (2015)

"Animals" is a tale as old as time, an age old story of two creatures meeting, f-cking, and falling in love. But like most classic myths, this story doesn't exactly have a happy ending.


Read Between the Lines, Motherf-cker (2015)

"Read between the Lines, Motherfucker: strained gender relations through three books (and a magazine) rejected by a male green apple book buyer" is a classic battle of the sexes tale told through...three books (and a magazine) rejected repeatedly by a male Green Apple book buyer.  Tension seethes between a group of dethroned beauty queens and a pack of male horror movie villains. Who will get the upper hand?


Myopic Focus: an obsession with boys who wear glasses (2015)

This was a belated Valentine to some bespectacled boys I once knew, filtered through the lens of cutout animation and pop-culture mashup. 



About an incident with an older member of the art scene in SF who tried to buy some time with me.  [full version not online, animation test online only.]

Tangled (2004/2013)

A short about finding one's soul mate...when you and your soul mate happen to be hairballs.