Snippets of progress on ongoing projects and general daily miscellany.  Day by day, week by week.

NOTE:  This section isn't updated regularly, because, if you think about it, every video I make is a vlog of sorts.  If you really need to know what I'm up to every day, I'm probably tweeting about movies on twitter or posting a selfie on IG.  If I'm not doing either, I'm busy doing pre-production for my upcoming feature.  In short, this section is more or less dead these days.  Check my other feeds or go watch my newer work.  Love ya.


OLDER VLOGS (2015-2016):

I was asked by an acclaimed video artist to share a minute of every day for a week to provide some insight into my life and my artistic process. The following video is my attempt to comply with that request. Many of the shots show me in stages of prep for my own video work (filmed separately). Some of this footage has been shared before, some is new. All of these clips are a minute or less of longer clips (seriously, days of footage). Nevertheless, it’s all pretty revealing, if you pay close enough attention to developing themes.

This week's vlog is a pretty accurate assessment of an average week—at least three days alone, refining ideas for projects, doing camera and effects tests whenever necessary, then 1-2 shooting days with my filmmaking partner (Caleb Quinn), and then some downtime when I’m not attending classes or working.  Missing from this vlog, and from the process is my actual partner, to whom my connection with my collaborators is the source of much anger, pain, and frustration.

This week's theme: "self to selfie."  This vlog attempted to capture the narcissism, superficial one-upmanship, and occasional truths captured in the phenomenon of the "selfie."  As with my other vlogs, some of the footage used can be viewed in my other projects (i.e., the "Damsel in this Dress" series or the live-action/animation short "animals").  I have mixed feelings about this episode, but uploaded it anyway.  If you can't appreciate the camp, the irony, and the humor, maybe try another vlogger?  If you do like the work...thanks for watching!

Sept 12, 2015 -- Dec. 23, 2015

All of the vlogs filmed during the separation from my ex-fiancé are currently private.

Dec. 24/25, 2015 - Holiday vlog: Season's Greetings from Film and Fishnets

A very simple, boozy edit of holiday greetings made in the same style as the body paint work of my "free association" project.  What can I say?  This one was for the fan base.

Jan. 1, 2016 - Holiday vlog: New Year's Resolutions and Greetings

Continued dialogue with the fan base, getting back to the video collage/cut out animation aesthetic I adore.

Jan. 26, 2016 - Back to school vlog

Cut out/collage/animated video diary synopsis of life at present as I start a new semester.