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This work on this site was intended as a means to work through my physical and emotional pain, to help me come to terms with my body and its limitations, to ease me into loving and uplifting myself after years of abuse, marginalization, silencing & erasure at the hands of others.  This work is a celebration.  Enjoy its beauty, its strangeness, and just leave me alone to make art, please.  I cannot stress how much I have given up in order to be vocal about my past and to make the type of work that I do.  I've been estranged from my family, I've lost "normal" jobs, I've lost friends & lovers.  My art has been the one constant in my life & the only thing that gives me solace.  It's saved me from suicide & self-destruction.  It helped me heal myself.  I sincerely hope that it helps some of you, too.


Danica Uskert


One last practical note:

This section contains the bulk of my work. The 1st video on this page will always be my most recent piece. The more you scroll down, the older the work gets. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing—if you look, you’ll find some of my personal favorites, like the Sid & Nancy tribute “Never Marry an Icon,” the extremely kinky Femdom call-for-entries video “Fresh Meat,” the Reddit’d multiple me greenscreen piece “Just Add Zebras,” and many other pieces that were fan favorites before my old account was censored. Enjoy scrolling.

If you’re looking for the old sections, they’re still around, but this page is current, and those still need to be updated. Nevertheless, for those who want them, you can browse through the old sections in the menu bar below.