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tatted and tied - no. 1


VHS NASTY VOL. 1 - sewing scissors

filmandfishnet.com presents "VHS Nasty" no. 1 - the first volume in an installment of fetish oriented, non-narrative short films.  This installment focuses on VHS tape bondage and sewing scissor play.  It's like rope play and knife play, just weirder.


VOL. 2- shafts and couplings [banned from vimeo & vhx]

"VHS Nasty" no. 2 features an old filmstrip curiously titled "Shafts and Couplings."  We don't have any clue what's on it, we just used it as a restraint in lieu of rope.  This episode is more focused on booty--touching, spanking, and belting.

(film is no longer available online)

VOL. 3- knife play [banned from vimeo & vhx]

This particular short was inspired in part by betrayals of past friends and lovers (including coerced abortions instead of support during pregnancies), and it’s grounded in one of the many common relationship fears—that no matter how much you might love or submit yourself to a partner, it’s never enough.  Barring these deeper issues, it’s simply a gory little knife play fetish film with some shibari, some Dominance/submission, and some hardcore violence against a pregnant woman (played by me; again, based on shit I dealt with during past pregnancies).

Don’t watch this film if you’re sensitive to certain issues surrounding pregnancy (abortion, miscarriage, etc.), sensitive towards depictions of abuse/power inequity in relationships, and squeamish about blood or seeing women in pain.  Other than that, enjoy.

(film is no longer available online)

VOL. 1 - preview

A short preview featuring behind the scenes photos from the making of VHS NASTY vol. 1 - "sewing scissors."